25-color collection of 40 weight polyester, high sheen embroidery thread for attractive machine embroidery. Colors are perfect for Basic Embroidery Colors. Handy cardboard case included. Colors may vary slightly, to view representation of included colors, click on the thumbnail for larger image. Please Note: Exquisite polyester thread has recently gone through a name change! It was previously known as "Poly-X40," spools may be labeled as such.

Exquisite Poly Thread Chart
While every attempt is made to reproduce thread colors accurately, colors on your monitor may not
precisely match actual thread colors. An actual thread chart may be ordered on this page
As our second most popular Exquisite Thread Kit, Springtime Pastels combines 25 beautiful colors of spring with our premium Exquisite 1000 meter embroidery thread. While this kit offers strong sales for dealers year-round, it’s heaviest sales typically occur just after the Christmas season.

Kit contains the following Exquisite colors:

ES32, ES33, ES302, ES306, ES307, ES315, ES324, ES347, ES381, ES383, ES387, ES443, ES502, ES506, ES508, ES602, ES632, ES633, ES904, ES944, ES947, ES984, ES1324, ES1619, ES4004

Exquisite Springtime Pastels Thread Kit, SKU#: P2050
Each kit contains Exquisite 40 weight polyester in 1000 meter spools in 25 different colors