Feathers Template Set- 4 Piece Set (2", 3", 4", 5"). Designed to work specifically with the Ruler Foot Starter Kit, Select Low Shank or High Shank.

Ruler foot is not included and must be purchased separately if you do not already own the foot

Quilting feathers can be difficult, but with the Feather Templates you can quilt straight feathers -feathers on a wavy spine - feathered plumes.

Dorothy L, Hawk Run PA
Your company was great at answering my questions I had. Very good at responding. But, the company that was delivering my merchandise took longer than I was expecting. I finally got my items only after you called the company that was handling the shipment. Overall I was satisfied with your service.

Serita S, Vine Grove KY
I received my merchandise really quickly! I will continue to order supplies from your store!

Sharie B, Quitman LA
Comments: Somehow the computer system had a glitch and my order didn't go thru. I called back to your company this afternoon and spoke with Bonnie. She so graciously assisted me in completing the orders. I am looking forward to receiving the Westalee ruler foot and Feathers assortment. Thanks again to Bonnie ! I ordered a serger many years ago from Allbrands and was pleased with service, shipping etc at that time also.

Rene S, Lothian MD
Thanks. I'm enjoying the new quilting "toys". The videos are very helpful.

quiltenlady, U.S.
I am still in learning mode on these rulers and decided to try and use the ones I have from Westalee's. I ordered from the West's before you started carrying them. In fact no one had even heard of using them for domestic machines. I am glad someone is now carrying these rulers so we don't have to spend so much in shipping and it doesn't take so long anymore.

Laura Z, Elmira NY
I was extremely impressed with the manner in which the items were packed. Taping each item inside the box insured that they would arrive without damage. Thank you for doing that.