Pearls 'N Piping Foot

The Original Pearls ‘N Piping™ sewing machine presser foot was invented by Clare Rowley, for a woman with crippled hands, so it guides all of your round 1/16" to 1/4" trims for you! It sews single or multiple rows of piping, beads, rhinestones, chain, cords, braids and it gathers the fabric automatically in addition to sewing in standard and Invisible zippers like no other foot! You will love letting go of the trims and easily guiding your fabric and it fits all sewing machines because it comes with 4 snap on adapters.

NO OTHER foot for sewing piping has the same tunnel design making it capable of sewing just about every round trim made!

Watch the video below to learn more!

* Bernina machines that use long shank style feet will need a low shank adapter for the feet to attach to your machine.
Included Accessories
Includes: PNP Foot, 4 Snap-on Adapters, Instruction Booklet
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