• For Singer Spartan, 99K, and 185 3/4 Size Flatbed Machines Only
  • 12.5" Wide x 6.25" Depth

    Plastic Portable Case
    For Singer 66,99,185,285
    CAPACITY: (L) 17 1/2” X (W) 7 1/4” X (D) 2 3/4”
    Bed Opening 12.5"Lx6.25"D
Compatible with Singer Sewing Machine Models:
28, 66, 99, 128, 185, 192 & 285. (12 5/32" length by 6 9/16" width machines)

Note: Hinge Pins on the case may have to be modified if they do not line up or fit all the way into the holes in the back of the machine. The machines were made in Singer factories all over the world, so the pins on the new case may need modifications including shortening the length of the pin to fit into the back of the machine before tightening the two set screws. See FAQ details on this page. John Douthat, Owner Tech, AllBrands.
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icon Singer Sparten Sewing Machine Not Included.

Customer advised, "I confirmed that my Singer 185 does not fit in the 3/4 machine case because of the pin length and/or the placement of the hinge."
Phillip at PD60 emailed, "Our P60218 case is designed for Singer ¾ machines like the 185,285 ,99
I don’t know what may be the problem with the fitting for her machine."
Make sure the two hinge pin set screws on the machine are loosened all the way before inserting the pins from the case into the back of the machine. If the pins are still too long, they will need to be filed down before the 2 set screws will hold the pins. If the two hinge pins and holes in the back of the machine do not line up, there may be nothing that can be done to make them fit. John Douthat, Owner Tech, AllBrands.
Mrs. Pauli Hirvasoja, Corpus Christi
At first the case looked like it would be too big, but the pegs and base did line up perfectly on my 99K. Once I put the end dividers in the case now looks complete and perfect. Thank you.

Virginia S, Pflugerville TX
I just apreciated the follow up from your people when I had a little trouble finding the price of a particular item. I heard right away and you all were so curtious with your solutions to my search. Thanks again Ginny