Cover Up

Fabric Cover Embroidery
Formally called dryCoverUP

Are you tired of your fabric showing through your embroidery? You will love this product! Simply place one of the colored pieces of specially formulated vinyl plastic on your fabric before you embroider-tear away excess and your stitches are fuller, instantly! Only use on designs that are solid. It is PERMANENT! This means, it will need to be torn away from areas and if the design has a lot of open areas, you'll struggle to remove in those spots. You can cut small pieces to fill in an area to eliminate it from being in the open areas.

Fabric Cover Vinyl is a permanent topping available in 15 colors plus clear. It is designed to prevent the fabric from showing through the embroidery and it lifts the stitching preventing it from falling into the nap. It easily tears away and doesn't wash out.
Tamara Z, Israel
Hello, I really love your store. Attentive and quick service. My order is not issued because I want to add a few more things. All that I ordered before received quick and good quality and you also have the cheapest international shipping.

Sarah A, Columbia SC
Best embroidery cover for towels made, and so happy you sell this item. It is very difficult to find this quality on the web!

Carol, Kentucky
The person who I talked with by telephone was very helpful and pleasant.

Ruth B., Jacksonville, FL
Thank You for the getting my order here in such a short manner.I was in the meddle of a contract and using the cover up for topping. Thanks for for your service.