Double the ways you can quilt with your Grace Qnique by adding rear handles! These let you work from the back of the machine on a quilting frame, and are a must if wish to follow pantograph patterns or the Plastic Pattern Perfect™ templates from the back of the quilting machine.

Work from the back of your quilting frame with these quilting machine rear handles for the Qnique Quilter! This quilting accessory is essential if you plan on using any pantographs or patterns from the back table of your machine quilting frame.

These rear handles feature the same quick access buttons as you regular quilting handles, and even provide a connection for the LCD display, so you can control all of the Qnique Quilter’s functions and settings right from the rear of the machine.

There is also a Stitch-Regulation upgrade available for all 15M machines, in case a customer
wants to later upgrade their manual speed machine to be stitch-regulated.
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icon Operate from Back or Front of Machine

icon Grace Qnique Rear Handles for Qnique14+ and Qnique 21 Longarm Quilting Machines