The HoopKeyDoo is the perfect tool for machine embroidery on Berninas. Using the HoopKeyDoo, customers can easily tighten their embroidery hoops, even with thick material and stabilizer. Many buy two to accommodate their MegaHoops. Compatible with all Bernina hoops - excluding the Jumbo Hoop. Customers love these finger saving tools, especially those with hand ailments. Made in the USA
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icon The HoopKeyDoo was developed to assist you while loosening and tightening your Embroidery Hoop thumb screws. The HoopKeyDoo is compatible with all Bernina Embroidery Hoops - excluding the Jumbo Hoop. Your fingers will love these!

icon BE102 Hoop Key Doo Tool for Bernina Embroidery Machine Hoops & Screws