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DC Motor, Bernina 5" LCD Color Screen, 276 embroidery designs, module w/ 3 hoops S M L, Creator V9 Software worth 1500 in Free Packages in the box w/machine

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Bernina and Bernette Machine Warranties

"AllBrands is a Bernina and Bernette Authorized Dealer and Service Center for any repairs including warranty parts and labor. We give unlimited technical support by email, fax and phone. We service machines in our stores. Mass merchants do not have tech service or repair departments for your equipment. They are unable to help you directly, only referring any operational, mechanical or electronic questions back to the manufacturer instead of taking care of problems themselves. Manufacturers and customers should expect that any problems will be taken care of by the dealer or merchant who sold you the equipment, not just by referring your requests back to the manufacturer." John Douthat, Owner & Tech

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"We were able to sample the Bernette B79 machines. They are a beautifully soft mat finish with sleek soft black details. We were happy to see that Bernette has integrated the BERNINA navigation system, and touch screen! A few other of our favorite features are the large 6"x 10" embroidery area, included Software*, and the sizing of the machine. It has a 9" arm, but is not too large to move around your sewing room, or even to classes. The integrated dual feed is the icing on the cake! There is no other machine like it in this price range. Combine with our financing for a super affordable, super high tech Swiss Designed Sewing Quilting and Embroidery Machine!"
Barbara Chatelain Product Development Department - Allbrands.com

Our most excellent, affordable sewing and embroidery machine

The b79 is our top-of-line model. It offers everything a creator needs – this two-in-one machine combines all the sewing functions of the b77 with the embroidery perks of the b70 DECO. The b79 makes creating a unique and special handmade dress with delicate embroidered flower embellishments easy. Newbies, never fear, this machine is so simple to use, and you’ll become the maker you’ve always wanted to be in no time. This attractively priced sewing and embroidery, computerized machine is perfect for everyone. It's incredibly easy to use, offers a wide range of functions, and lets you be your most creative.

The very first bernette Special Edition!
We invite you to be one of the first to discover what our team and a famous costume designer have created together in this one-of-a-kind machine by taking the first look. Yaya Han is a cosplayer, model and costume designer. The b79 Yaya Han Edition is incredibly easy to use, offers a wide range of included extras that lets you be your most creative.

"Sewing and embroidery can become your life long passion" -Yaya Han

An eye-catcher in any sewing room: Design by Yaya Han
Bring color to your sewing room with the unique machine design chosen by Yaya Han. The machine features lavender-colored parts with a mix of blue and purple hexagon elements, giving the machine an elegant and futuristic look. Even the included embroidery module is partially colored!

Tame difficult fabrics easily: bernette Dual Feed
The easy-to-engage, integrated Dual Feed makes sure that all kinds of materials, even smooth and thin materials, are evenly fed from above and below. Striped and checkered patterns can be matched perfectly by even feeding.

On-screen Stitch Designer: Draw your ideas on the touch screen
Create your own stitches or customize existing stitches with the Stitch Designer and save them in the personal memory of the machine for your future projects.

The perfect support for your sewing projects: Ask your on-screen support
Access the sewing or embroidery tutorials for tips on how to operate your machine or use the creative consultant for advice on the best stitch for your chosen fabric.

Included BERNINA Embroidery Software 9 Creator: Your entrance into the world of digitizing
The BERNINA Embroidery Software 9 Creator is the entry into embroidery, giving the upcoming embroiderist all the tools needed. Start your embroidery projects as well as edit and alter designs to create something personal and valuable to you. Play around in the software, turn your artwork into an embroidery design and discover the many possibilities with the numerous tutorials!

Exclusive Yaya embroidery motifs: Unleash your creativity
276 embroidery designs including 64 exclusive embroidery designs selected by Yaya Han and 4 motifs designed by Yaya herself.

Yaya Han Presser Foot Set: 8 additional presser feet
  • Invisible Zipper Foot
  • Zigzag Foot with Non-Stick Sole
  • Hemmer Foot
  • Open Embroidery Foot
  • Gathering Foot
  • Edgestitch Foot
  • Adjustable Binder Attachment
  • Ribbon-Couching Foot

    "A creative mind needs the right tools to realize its visions!"

    Equipped with one sewing book, Yaya taught herself to bring her creative costume ideas to life. She poured her heart and soul into creating unusual shapes with various materials and overcame many challenges. Her failures along the way were Yayas greatest teachers.
    - Yaya Han, Cosplay Artist

    Yaya Han presents the b79 Yaya Han Edition sewing and embroidery machine (youtube.com)

  • US Warranty 10 Years Mechanical, 1 Year Electrical, 90 Days Service labor on defects in materials and workmanship.
  • Extended US Warranty: Extended Warranty Available
  • Non-US Warranty: 30 days parts and labor
Included Accessories
Presser Feet (10x)
Yaya Han Presser Foot Set (1x)
Embroidery module (1x)
Embroidery hoops (S, M, L)
BERNINA Embroidery Software 9
bernette Foot Control
Bobbin (3x)
Spool net
Selection of needles (2x)
Brush/ Seam ripper
Spool discs large (2x)
Spool disc middle (1x)
Spool discs small (2x)
Felt disc
Second spool pin
Seam guide
Dust cover
Power cable
DC Motor
Foot control

*All included software is packaged in the box
Other Images

icon Easy and quick navigation with touchscreen and multi-function knobs Find the right stitch or embroidery design and optimize the thread tension by using the 5-inch color touch screen, which is optimally positioned in the center of the machine. Or quickly change the stich length or width or position your embroidery design via the multi-function knobs . Access the sewing or embroidery tutorials for tips on how to operate your machine or use the creative consultant for advice on the best stitch for your chosen fabric.

icon Bright and spacious for fast and accurate sewing You won't be left in the dark with the four bright LEDs lighting up the sewing area, which offers you 230 mm of space right of the needle. The slide-on freearm extension table gives you extra space and comfort for large sewing or quilting projects.

icon Decorative and quilting stitches for magical embellishments Of course, you can hem and zigzag stitch with the b79, sew stretchy t-shirt fabrics and even choose between 17 buttonholes. But there is much more than just the utility stitches: create truly exiting embellishments with 133 decorative and 35 quilting stitches. You want to modify included stitches or create your own ones? Everything is possible with the Stitch Designer. Your individual stitch settings are temporarily saved, and you can store them in your personal memory for future projects.

icon Tie-off function and automatic thread cutter With the automatic tie-off function you no longer have to stitch backwards to prevent the seam from unravelling. Simply press the tie-off button at the end of the seam. Next, the automatic thread cutter button, the threads are cut, and your seam is finished! You want it even faster? Program these functions for your foot control with back-kick function – tap your heel once, the seam is automatically finished, and the threads cut off!

icon 5-inch color touchscreen for easy navigation 2 BERNINA Toolbox software modules included Even more convenient sewing With the semi-automatic needle threader threading is a breeze – the presser foot is automatically lowered to the correct position and the additional thread cutter holds the thread in place. The knee lever for raising or lowering the presser foot will make your sewing even more comfortable, as your hands are free to guide the fabric. And the easy-to-engage, integrated Dual Feed makes sure that all kinds of materials are evenly fed from above and below.

icon Embroidery module with three different-sized hoops and hoop detection With three hoops included, it is easy to find the right hoop for each size of your embroidery designs. You can embroider motifs with up to 260 x 160 mm without re-hooping. The hoops are easy to open and close with a quick release system . The automatic hoop detection ensures that you see the defined embroidery area of each hoop on the touch screen, so you can optimally adapt your embroidery design.

icon Creative possibilities with embroidery designs With 208 embroidery designs and 7 embroidery alphabets installed, a wide selection of motifs is at your fingertips. The motifs can be edited on the touch screen, so you can easily rotate, flip, or combine design elements. Want something truly yours? Upload your own embroidery motifs or motifs you edited and combined in your BERNINA Toolbox software via USB flash drive. The b79 is compatible with most embroidery design formats – no need to convert files in a software program anymore.

icon BERNINA Toolbox, the easy-to-use embroidery software Go creative with the Lettering and Editing modules and 300 additional embroidery designs and 100 additional fonts included. Each module has a large selection of embroidery motifs to download from the BERNINA Cloud. You can even edit the embroidery motifs directly in the cloud, using your tablet or laptop.

icon For best sewing and embroidery results With the 7 mm stitch plate, you can sew beautiful decorative stitches with a stitch width of up to 7 mm. Also, the straight stitch plate comes as standard accessory with the b79 – for impeccable embroidery results. Your machine automatically detects the stitch plate used, shows you all the compatible needles and automatically adapts the stitch width range

icon Introduced at the 2019 Bernina Dealer Convention

icon In 1959, Odette Ueltschi took over as head of BERNINA. Her legacy is reflected in the name of the bernette line of machines, which combines the first half of the brand name and the second half of Odette's name.

Since the 1980s, BERNINA has been turning out quality machines at an excellent cost as part of their bernette line.

icon Bernina Financing Available

icon Bernette Compatible Presser foot Overview

~The B79 Module dimensions are about 19" x 19".
~The Large Bernina Embroidery Module Suitcase dimensions are 19" x 20.3