Our Hoop N Press Pads are 1/2″ thick, made from premium wool and have a non-slip surface on the back.

As you stitch in the hoop (ITH) designs, there are times you need to work on the backside of the hoop.
When working on the back, place the hoop over the Hoop N Press pad with the back side of the hoop facing up. The pad will supply support as you tape, press, fold, trim and manipulate fabrics in place.

Most importantly your hoop will have support while pressing fabrics on the back side with an iron to create fabulous projects!

Pressing in the hoop creates crisp folds and seams allowing main fabrics and linings to lie beautifully while not disturbing the stabilizer. The non-slip surface on the bottom of the pads holds them securely while you are working.

The Bundle contains the following sizes: 145×255, 265×165 and 210×400 Hoop N Press Pads. Buy the Bundle and save!
Q: Are all hoop N Press pad orders eligible for the free file or just certain ones?
A: All Hoop N Press Pad orders from 4/13/2023 - 4/21/2023 will qualify for the free file.