for Qnique 14+15 21" and Brother DQLT15 Models, quilting machine needles available in size 14 or 16.

Made from high quality steel, Grace quilting machine needles work with all Q’nique quilting machine models and most long-arm quilting machines.

Grace Longarm Quilting Machine Needles

Quilting machine sewing neeldes.

These are made from a high quality steel and are available in either size 16 .

Each package comes with 10 needles.

These will work with most longarm quiltng machines.
These quilting machine sewing needles are made from a high-quality steel and are available in either size 16. Each package comes with 10 needles. These will work with the Qnique 14+, Qnique 21, and most longarm quilting machines.

Size 14 or 16
Canu: 20:05 1
NM: 100 SIZE: 16
SY 1955

Changing the Grace, Groz Beckert, Organ or Schmetz 135x5 DPx5 needle Size 16 or 18 for Grace Qnique 14+ 15R 15M 15S Q19 Q21, Blockrocket, Brother DQLT15 Quilting Macines
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I am so happy I was able to find these bobbins online. I had purchased my machine locally, but the bobbins were not in stock. I found them online at Allbrands and ordered them. Allbrands shipped them in days, where it would have taken two weeks from my local dealer, and the shipping was free! I have ordered from Allbrands for many years and appreciate the product availability and selection, excellent customer service and follow through, quick shipping and the free shipping offers and discounts. Their pricing is also very competitive and affordable. I have always had excellent customer service form Allbrands. Thank you Allbrands for being a very respectable business. Gale M