Decorative Thread Guide #L25
Overlock stitches with thick or stretchy threads
For looser processing of decorative threads
Ideal for sewing wide & long stitches
For decorative edges & flatlock seams
Compatible with L 8 Series

This guide is ideal for sewing wide seams and hems with decorative threads. Because the pre-tension is bypassed, little or no tension is applied to the decorative thread.
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icon From Threading to Decorative. Full of information about how BERNINA overlock machines work, this book covers practical and creative subjects such as seaming options, gathering methods, and decorative serging techniques. You can also read about the basics of threading, details about available presser feet, and everyday techniques such as starting and ending serged seams.

icon et Inspired! With lots of inspirational photos, you’ll get excited about all the great things you can do with your overlock machine. From garments to quilts, to craft projects, an overlocker lets you sew them faster with more professional results. You’ll find serging techniques such as zipper applications, piping, binding and hems to use on almost any project you want to make.

icon The third in the BERNINA Big Book Series, the latest addition is The Big Book of Serging…A Guide to BERNINA Overlock Machines. A reference book that any overlock owner can use, this book features current BERNINA and bernette serger models including the new L 8 Series overlock machines

icon A Great Reference: The Big Book of Serging has details about the many stitch variations found on the BERNINA overlock machines. Each type of stitch, such as overlock, flatlock, coverstitch, etc. has a chart that shows the variations of the stitch and the most common settings used for those variations. There are also technique charts such as the one below showing the stitch settings for gathering and elastic applications.

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icon Three Big Books: The Big Book of Serging is available at your local BERNINA store. While there, check out the other big books, The Big Book of Feet and The Big Book of Machine Embroidery.