The Heart Templates have been designed to give you sharp points where you should have sharp points. The template has a Ruler Foot rest as a place to start and stop, making it easy to align the template for the next stitching path. Now it is easy to stitch beautiful Hearts.

The Sew Steady Westalee Templates and Accessories are custom made to order, and usually leave the warehouse in 5-7 business days after your order is placed

Ruler foot is not included and must be purchased separately if you do not already own the foot

This 6pc Template Set helps you create beautiful hearts. Sizes range from 1" - 6".

New Hearts Templates by Leonie West:

Stitching hearts is easy with this set of 6 templates. Ranging from 6” – 1” quilted designs. Great for TempLee Technique!

1) Place stable tape on the underside of your template at locations that would be pressure points when holding the template in place while sewing

2) Determine the desired placement of your template design within the block

3) Place the template at the beginning point of your desired design – make note of the markings on the template that you are using to create a consistent design
a. Make sure that your needle is in the middle of the foot to insure that you are sewing ¼ inch off the template edge
b. Place the ruler foot snugly against the template and pull your bobbin thread to the top
c. Begin sewing keeping the ruler foot touching the template, and tracing around the outside edge of the template
d. Once you are at the end of the template leave the needle down and move the template, line back up on the markings you selected and repeat this pattern until the end of the design, or the end of the block

4) You may also use the dashed etched markings on the template to echo and / or offset your design (see A) by lining up the template on the stitch line you just made then use the selected etching on the template to create the echo or offset design.

These templates will create a variety of designs that can stand alone or be used to offset and echo a specific design.

Included Accessories
  • Stable Tape
Other Images

icon A set of 6 Hearts that will melt your Heart.

icon 1x1, 2x2, 3x3, 4x4, 5x5, 6x6" heart teamplates with ruler rest as a place to start and stop.

icon Westalee WT-WHRT-6PC 1-6" Heart Templates 6PC Set 1,2,3,4,5,6" Hearts

Anne T, Fredricksburg TX
I am impressed with the quality of my heart templates & will use them a lot.