The Techsew SK-4 Leather Skiver is precision designed for edge skiving and whole surface skiving of leather for wallets, leather bags, shoes, boots, chaps, straps and more. It is used to skive and thin out the edges of leather to create clean and consistent ends.

The SK-5 has a more powerful feeding mechanism for skiving much thicker materials. Cost of production is higher on this model. For most people the SK-4 is the more suitable machine, it’s great for leather used in footwear, leather goods, bags, purses etc. The SK-5 is designed for belts, straps, harnesses etc but not for thin leather.
  • US Warranty 6 month manufacturer warranty
  • Non-US Warranty: 30 days parts and labor
For 8-9oz leather the SK-5 would be the best machine. The SK-4 works best in the range of about 2-3oz to 7-8oz.


  • Precision designed for simple and smooth operation
  • Built in blade sharpener
  • Adjustable skiving width
  • Adjustable skiving speed
  • Equipped with power stand and variable speed 550W Servo motor
  • 1200 RPM Rotating Speed
  • Skives light to medium leather up to 8oz
  • Up to 2" skiving width
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