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Grace QCT5 Quilters Creative Touch 5 Beginnings Automation Software +Quilt Motion Robotics Hardware Motor, Belts for Qnique 15 16 19 21/PROs+Tutorial (Add to cart for price)


Grace QCT5 Quilt Motion PRO, CAD Creative Touch Automation Software+Robotics Hardware Motor Belts for Qnique 14+15R/PRO Q19 Q21/PRO+Gold Card+Tutorial (Add to cart for price)

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"I love my machine and just ordered some more items. I got a great re-certified machine for a great price and I am having a blast playing with it. Thank you very much. Kris D, Southhampton MA

"Thank you for all of the information. I have just placed my order. I also wanted to mention that I have been a customer of All Brands for years. I purchased my Brother Nouvelle PQ1500s from you guys in 2002. I am still using that machine on my quilting frame, so the Q’Nique 15Pro will replace it. Thanks again" Claudia A, Kent WA

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  • New convenient touch-screen
  • New user-friendly features and simplified menus
  • More powerful motor
  • Faster speed and enhanced stitch quality

    The Grace Qnique 15 Pro has a powerful motor capable of quilting over 2000 stitches per minute and the needle area is illuminated with bright LED lights so you can clearly see your quilt.

    The new full-color touch screen has a simplified menu system so you can easily select your stitch length, control whether the needle ends in the up or down position, and change the handlebar controls from right to left handed.

    Includes 1800SPM, 4 V-Track Rollers, Stitch Regulation, Encoders, Front Handles, OLED Panel, M Bobbins and Needles.

    Qnique 15 Pro Quilting Machine Video

    The Grace Qnique 15 Pro has a powerful motor capable of quilting over 2000 stitches per minute and the needle area is illuminated with bright LED lights so you can clearly see your quilt.

    The new full-color touch screen has a simplified menu system so you can easily select your stitch length, control whether the needle ends in the up or down position, and change the handlebar controls from right to left handed.

    Two spool pins are located on the back of the machine along with a built-in bobbin winder so you can quickly wind the large M sized bobbins and get back to quilting.

    The Grace Company set out to make the perfect mid–arm quilting machine for the quilting enthusiast. All of the high–end long–arm features that quilters were looking for were carefully crafted into a truly affordable quilting machine.

    "I purchased a qnique mid arm first , I’ve never used or seen one before this , I was really impressed with how fast it arrived , I set it up with the frame by myself , it went together easily, (I am 81 yrs old ) I learned to quilt on it fast , I like it so much I decided to get the rear handles , too much fun , and easy to use , thank you, Ray M, Alvaton KY"

    New to quilting machine reviews, the top of the line quilting machine is the Grace Company's Qnique Quilter quilting machine. With this machine being the most economical model out there and the best performance for the buck, this machine is awesome. The company that makes this machine, The Grace Company, has been in business for 25 years and leads the industry in quilting machines and accessories. This machine takes the features of the the long-arm machine and combines it with the size and price of a mid-arm quilting machine. The Grace Company's Qnique quilting machine has state of the art sewing technology along with a high grade aluminum body that has everything you need at the touch of a button. It has been built to make even the most difficult of quilts easy to make whether you are an experienced quilter or are just getting started. It doesn’t get any better or easier than this. This state of the are machine makes the very best of quilts out there.

    State of the Art
    This machine has a state-of-the-art bobbin system with a bobbin winder that is built into the machine. It has high speed that works automatically as you need it. When you need to refill the bobbin, you just use one of the threads from the tower and it winds itself. It turns on automatically and turns itself off when you are done. This machine also has an easy-access bobbin case that just pops open and makes it easy when you need to change or adjust your bobbin. The bobbin is larger than the usual size on most machines, so that you can quilt longer without stopping.

    You now have more control of your work space with six buttons on the handle to work with, to make things faster and easier. This machine also comes with its own regulation of stitches that is built into the machine as part of how it runs and has a hand dual thread tensioner to help when quilting. It has 6 LED lights that light up your needle area for easy visualization of your work space and the stitching that you are doing. It has two thread holders with the fastest sewing speed possible of 1800 stitches per minute.

    Biggest and Best Quilts
    This machine is made to make the biggest and thickest of quilts and makes sewing faster than any other machine. The Grace Qnique sews seven to fifteen stitches per inch when stitching. It even has three different stitch regulators to make sure your stitches are even and consistent. You also have a manual speed control to be able to control the speed of the stitching yourself. If you get to stitching too quickly, there is a warning that tells you that you are stitching too fast for what you are stitching. This quilting machine comes with large throat space that has the most room for the largest and highest quilting material for stitching on the market today. This makes quilting so much fun to do at home and it couldn't be easier.

    Qnique Laser Stylus
    Did you know that the Qnique Laser Stylus accessory can be easily attached to the machine to help you trace patterns or pictures while you are quilting on a quilting frame? You have the choice of attaching the laser to the front or rear handles, or even to the bottom of the machine, between the wheels.

    The easiest way to trace a pattern when you are quilting is to use the Qnique Laser Stylus. Using this accessory, you can just put the pattern you wish to trace to the side and trace it with the laser as you quilt. The Laser stylus plugs right into the Qnique’s accessory port for power, so you do not have to buy any batteries. The laser is designed to be versatile and can work while attached to the front or rear handles. It will also work near the bottom of the quilting machine. You can angle the laser in any direction, the way you want it to work.

    Grace Qnique Quilting Machine
    The Grace Qnique Quilting Machine is made with quality and performance and cost in mind. These machines are industrial strength and have industrial strength performance. They make the making of quilts so easy, even a beginner could get started right away. This really is the best quilting machine out there for the money. The Grace Qnique Machine includes several accessories such as the lubricating oil to keep it running smoothly and correctly, quilting needles to sew with, and bobbins to use to help make those gorgeous quilts. Quilters are a great group of quilters who recommend this machine with an 89 percent rating.

    There are also a lot of blogs, and websites like (www.quiltingindustry.com) where you can get information on the newest accessories, quilting clubs, news, and see what all the other quilters are making. You will find out about their newest tricks, the newest on material, what is selling, and reviews, tutorials, classes and all about when the next quilting shows are.

    This machine only uses 300 watts of maximum power and its LCD light automatically shuts off after 15 minutes if not in use. It even has four plugins; for use of other quilting machine accessories that you might want to use. The Grace Qnique works easily with any frames that you might be already using. There are also many frames designed that are available to work specifically with this machine such as the Q Zone Quilting Frame and the Qnique 15PRO. The Q Zone Hoop Frame is a king size frame which handle the larger quilts.
    The extended length and height of the work area on the Qnique quilting machine gives you the freedom to quilt larger patterns or blocks. The Qnique features a 15 inch throat space from the needle to the back of the work area.

    With stitch regulation, increased stitch speed, extended throat space, advanced control settings, and so much more; the Q'nique long arm quilting machine is truly the most economical long arm quilting machine on the market!

  • The 15 inch throat lets you sew larger patterns and blocks
  • Larger throat space for a more convenient, less cluttered work area
  • Comfort Grip Handles
  • Convenient quick-access buttons for easy control of sewing functions
  • Every part has been fine crafted and tuned, to give up to 1,800 stitches per minute, so you can blast through your quilts faster than ever
  • Stitch regulation keeps your stitch length consistent, even as you speed up and slow down
  • The OLED screen displays an easy to navigate menu, which includes four different sewing modes
  • Included Motorized Bobbin Winder can wind a bobbin without running the machine
  • A bright OLED screen displays sewing settings
  • Large class M bobbin for longer quilting times without needing to change your bobbin
  • Easy-access bobbin for simplified changing
  • Dual-cone thread towers
  • Multiple accessory ports let you attach convenient sewing machine add-ons
  • Illuminate your work area with the integrated LED work lights

    Quilting Controls:
    The Q'nique long arm quilting machine was designed to be as user friendly as possible. All of the main controls and settings can be adjusted and controlled from the handles and seen on the full-color display on the front of the machine.

    Needle Position:
    There is no need to reach around the machine to adjust the hand-wheel, with a push of a button you can raise or lower the needle. By holding the button you can even set a "needle stop position" that will return the needle to that spot when you stop quilting.

    Stitching Speed:
    The buttons on the handle bars allow you to adjust the speed of your stitching faster or slower. These same buttons control your stitch length when in stitch regulation mode. The regulation will adjust the speed for a consistent stitch after you set the stitches per inch.

    LCD Display:
    Your most important settings and quilt functions can be found right on the front LCD display. This means quick access to needle position, stitching mode, stitch speed, or stitch length.

    Stitch Regulation:
    With four different stitch modes, the Q'nique is just as powerful as a high end long arm quilting machine but at a fraction of the cost.

    The stitch regulation knows when you speed up and slow down, and will adjust the speed of the stitch according to your movements for a clean and consistent stitch everytime! The stitch regulation can handle the full power of the Q'nique, stitching 1800 stitches per minute!

    Stitching Modes:
    In Precise Mode you control the "stitch per inch" setting for consistently sized stitches. Stitch regulation adjusts the stitch speed as you quilt faster or slower. Precise Mode stops stitching when you stop moving the machine.

    In "Cruise" mode, you set the SPI as well as a minimum stitch speed. Regulation adjusts to keep stitches consistent, but whenever you stop or slow your movements, the machine will continue to stitch at the minimum set speed.

    Baste mode is perfect for when you want to do some long basting stitches on the edges of your quilt. You can set the the basting stitch length to short, medium or long.

    Manual mode lets you control the stitch speed of the quilting machine. With the touch of a button on the handle bars, you can increase or decrease the constant speed. This is great for detailed or intricate stitching.

    Basic Machine Includes:
  • Front handles
  • Electronic display
  • Encoders
  • Power cable
  • 3 Qty M-Class bobbins
  • 10 Qty sewing needles
  • Sewing machine oil
  • Allen wrenches, screw drivers, lint brush

    LIVE Q&A -Grace Recertified Q'nique Longarm Quilting Machines with Full Warranty

    View Qnique Warranty Information Here
  • US Warranty 2 years parts, 90 days labor
  • Non-US Warranty: 30 days parts and labor
*Qnique 15PRO adds 33% more speed range up to 2000SPM stitches per minute vs up to 1500SPM on the older Qnique 15R. It takes much better mechanics inside as well as better motor and electronics to increase speed of any sewing machine by 33%.

Q'nique 15PRO Midarm Quilting Machine
  • The machine can operate at a stitching rate of 1800 stitches per minute, giving you superior stitching quality
  • Thread tension is easily adjustable
  • Features LED sewing lights that will shine a light on your quilting project as you work; the brightness of the lights can be controlled
  • All of the main settings of the machine can be controlled from the handles by using six quick-access buttons
  • Features a full-color LED display on the front of the machine to keep every setting easily visible
  • Features a built-in stitch regular to keep the stitch length consistent and control the stitching speed to match faster or slower movements of the quilting machine
  • The bobbin of the machine has been designed for easy and quick access; changing or checking on your bobbin is now easier than ever before
  • Has a built-in bobbin winder that runs its own separate motor, so you can refill bobbins without having to run the machine
  • Comes standard with a large class M bobbin; quilt for long periods of time before needing to change or refill your bobbin
  • Gives each quilt project a beautiful and satisfying result

    The Grace Q'nique 15PRO Long Arm Quilting Machine will take your quilting to a whole new level. With a 15 inch throat space the Grace Q'nique 14+ 15R and 15PRO 15x8" Long Arm Quilting Machine gives you the freedom to quilt larger patterns or quilt blocks. TheGrace Q'nique 14+ 15R and 15PRO Long Arm Quilting Machine includes stitch regulation, extended throat space, advanced control setting, easy grip handles, and increased stitch speed. The Grace Q'nique 14+ 15R and 15PRO 15x8" Long Arm Quilting Machine is brought to your by the Grace Company, which had been manufacturing and distributing quilting frames and accessories for over 25 years.

    Features of the Grace Q'nique 14+ 15R and 15PRO 15x8" Long Arm Quilting Machine:
  • 15 inch throat space for quilting larger patterns and blocks
  • 9 Inch Height on Throat Space
  • Built In stitch regulation- THe Qnique uses high resolution encoders to keep your stitch length consistent. As you speed up or slow down, so will your stitch speed.
  • Color OLED Screen displays all of the setting and menus clearly
  • Easy Quick Access Buttons controls all sewing functions easily from the 6 handle buttons
  • Stitch speed of up to 1800 stitches per minute
  • 4 Different Stitch Modes
  • Precise Mode - Allows for Stitches per inch
  • Cruise Mode - Adds the ability to set a minimum speed with will maintain even if the operator releases the controls.
  • Baste Mode - Gives the option of short, medium and long basting stitches
  • Manual Mode - Allows control of the stitching speed.
  • Dual Thread Towers
  • Easy to Access bobbin in a larger size

    Q'nique Quilter 14+ 15R and 15PRO The exciting new mid-arm for home or business

    Qnique Quilter features video. The Q’nique Quilter 14+ 15R and 15PRO quilting machine is a bold new breakthrough into the mid-arm category. Brought to you by the Grace Company, an industry leader in frames and accessories, the Q’nique Quilter combines the features of a long-arm machine with the size and affordability of a mid-arm.

    This new affordable mid-arm quilter is loaded with professional features normally reserved for more expensive quilting machines.

    The Qnique Quilter 14+ 15R and 15PRO

    Tutorials and How to Videos for the Qnique Quilter Product Line

    You Tube Videos on Grace Qnique 14+

    Grace Qnique 14+ 15R and 15PRO Quilting Machine

    Adjust quilting machine timing on Qnique Quilter - YouTube
    Adjust quilting machine timing on Qnique Quilter using timing tool gauge included with machine, - YouTube

    Grace Manufacturer's Warranty: 5 Years on Casting, 2 Years on Mechanical Parts, 1 Year on Electrical Parts,

Included Accessories
Grace Grace Q'nique 14+ 15R 15PRO 15x8" Long Arm Quilting Machine Includes:
  • Electronic Display
  • Front Handles
  • Encoders
  • Power Cable
  • 10 Needles
  • 3 M class bobbins
  • Oil
  • Allen wrench
  • Screw Driver
  • Lint Brush
  • The Grace Q'nique 14+ 15R and 15PRO Long Arm Quilting Machine is compatible with all Grace Quilting Frames

    There is also a Stitch-Regulation optional upgrade available for all 15M machines, in case a customer
    wants to later upgrade their manual speed machine to be stitch-regulated.

    Grace Warranty

Other Images

icon New Grace Qnique 15 PRO Stitch 15x8" Longarm Quilting Machine Head +Stitch Regulation

icon The extended length and height of the work area on the Qnique quilting machine gives you the freedom to quilt larger patterns or blocks. The Qnique features a 15 inch throat space from the needle to the back of the work area.

icon See difference in size of old screen here and the new screen below. Built in stitch regulation keeps your stitch length consistent, even as you speed up and slow down. The Qnique quilting machine features four different sewing modes, all conveniently displayed on the easy to navigate menu in he OLED screen.

icon New User Friendly Touch Screen

icon Stitch quality improvements

icon Why You'll love it.

icon Get your quilt off the table and put it on a frame!

Sandra D, Maynardville,
AllBrands had EXACTLY what I was searching for and the lowest price of all other competitors. My long arm machine arrived very quickly and works perfectly. THANK YOU!!!

Bonita G, Waldorf MD
I am extremely pleased with my purchase. The online purchasing process went smoothly and my purchase arrived in a very timely manner in spite of hurricanes and wildfires impacting transportation options. I did use the email contact to ask about the purchase process and the response was quick and helpful. Thank you for a job well done.

Kristen D, Southhampton MA
I love my machine and just ordered some more items. I got a great re-certified machine for a great price and I am having blast playing with it. Thank you very much. Kris Dutra

Claudia A, Kent WA
I heard from the president when I had a couple of questions and really appreciated his quick response. I was thinking about purchasing from some other company and thought the customer service was excellent. Thank you. I will definitely buy from you again.

Charlene H, Sullivan OH
...have always liked dealing with Allbrands I go back a few years now. Selection is great and its nice not have to navigate the whole internet to fine something. I have not gotten to play much with new purchase, can't wait to get started, already have picked out a few accessories!

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