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"We were the first, and we are here to stay!" Al and Ann Leenstra, Read Pleaters Johannesburg, S. A. Manufacturers of a full range of smocking pleaters and accessories I want to clarify that the old system of the little metal sliders at each end of the removable roll being held in place by small screws, does not allow for any adjustment of rollers. Both the old Sally Stanley and old Read 16-Row used this method for removing the roller. the slider screwed down tight, is purely there for keeping the roller in place with no adjustment. I'm not familiar with the Pullen, but I'm pretty sure it works exactly the same; i.e. the screws should be tight at all time. Assuming that a pleater has not been damaged and is in good working order, there are two main reasons why needles break. Firstly, if the fabric is not fed evenly into the pleater, or it is allowed to fold into the rollers, or secondly if the fabric is too thick or has too much starch in it (when a fabric softener should be used to soften it). READ. PS. The worldwide tariff code for our pleaters is 8447.90

Instruction Manual for New Style Read Pleater

Instruction Manual for Old Style Read Pleaters

Note: Amanda Jane Pleaters Made in Australia are no longer being made. AllBrands imports the Read 16, 24 and 32 Row Pleaters which will continue to be available. Read Pleaters have heavy duty stable base, plate with anti skid rubber feet, extra large side plate opening allowing for large capacity of rolled up fabric, simple pin type roller holding system allows for quick and easy needle access, comfortable and user friendly dual handles for maximum versatility, heavy duty solid brass rollers capable of handling heavier weight fabrics.

South African Craft Magazines “Stitches” Article about the Read Pleater Company (.PDF)