Taitexma Knitting Machines: TH860 Standard Gauge Like Brother KH868, TH260 Punchcard Bulky Like Brother KH260, TH160 Mid Guage like Silver Reed SK160, Ribber Attachments and Accessories

Additional Information:
These machines allow you to do a wide variety of knitting including lace, tuck, plating, slip stitch, weaving and Fair Isle designs. Pre-punched pattern cards included, or use optional blank card plier punch to create your own beautiful and unique designs on optional blank cards. We have been lining both the top and the bottom of the knitting machine inner box with bubble wrap which has completely eliminated damage to the machines during shipping. Peter Patchis

Ribbers come with table clamps, connecting arm assembly, weights,cast on combs, etc. The main bed machines include cast on combs, claw weights, latch tool, transfer tools, spare needles, needle pusher, knitting cams,pre-punched punchcard set, punchcard snaps, cast-on thread, oil, wax, and tapestry needle.

Martha Stewart interviews actress Karen Allen of Indiana Jones fame in her cashmere yarn cut and sew knitting studio and shop in Great Barrington, MA

Grace Luminess 5' Floor Lamp, Free Standing Overhead Lighting Station, On Off Switch, for Sewing Cabinets, Tables, Quilting Frames, Work Stations, Etc
Taitexma TH860 (like Brother KH860) Punchcard Knitting Machine, K+Lace Carriage, 4.5mm Standard Gauge, 200 Needles, Stitches: Slip Tuck Weave Fairisle
Hague PDB3 250g 1/2Lb Electric Crosswound Yarn Ball Winder, Tension Mast, 2 White Plastic Bobbins, Made in UK
Grace Luminess 10'+ Floor Lamp Free Standing Overhead Light, True Color, On Off Switch, for Sewing Table, Quilt Frame, Work Station. Opt. 2' Ext 7-12'
Taitexma TR850 (Brother KR850) Ribber Attachment for TH860-868 (KH860-970)
Taitexma TH260 (like Brother KH260) Punch Card Bulky Knitting Machine, 114 Needles Spaced 9mm Apart for 2.8 Gauge, 16 Cards, 24 Stitch Repeats
Taitexma TR260 (Brother KR260) Bulky Ribber for TH260/KH260 Knitting Machines
Taitexma TA-2600 Intarsia Carriage for TH-260 Bulky Knitting Machine*
Taitexma TH160 160 Needle 6mm* Mid Gauge Metal Bed Knitting Machine with Built In Manual Intarsia for Picture Knitting
Taitexma TR-160 Needle 6mm Mid Gauge Ribber Attachment for TH-160 Knitting Machine
Taitexma TH160 160 Needle 6mm Mid Gauge Knitting Machine with Built In Intarsia +TR160 Ribber Attachment
Charlene Shafer Mid Gauge Basics Book for Silver Reed LK150, Artisan 70D, Taitexma 160 Knitting Machines
Artisan Tressel Leg Metal Stand 48x8x27"H for Knitting Machines, Ribbers
Reliable 150SE Swivel Chair, Non Roll Glides for use with Sewing and Knitting Machines (Replaces Sew Ergo2)
Hague Linker D280H Hand Crank Linking Machine D001, Seam and Finish Knit Panels, Edges, Necklines, Collars, Sleeves, Side Seams