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Standard Clutch Motors run all the time at a constant RPM and use resistance for speed control, whereas DC Servo Motor only run when you use the foot pedal with variable speed control in the motor. You can also set the speed limit with a dial on the dc motor vs no speed limit control dial on a clutch motor. DC Servo Motors also allow you to have slower starting speeds with the dial, better control over variable speed with the foot pedal, more torque (needle piercing power) per unit of HP rating, and much quieter operation..

(Q)RE: Sew Quiet High-Torque Clutchless DC Servo Motor, Replacement for Clutch Motors. Does a foot pedal come with this motor and if not, how do i connect one to it? starr8719 (A) No, the variable speed lever on the motor connects to the existing tie rods and foot pedal on your industrial sewing machine stand. John Douthat, AllBrands