35mm (1.375") long

Also works with 16 Row Pullen Pleater if you change all 16 needles at the same time.
i.e. Do not mix old Pullen needles with new Read 16 row pleater needles. John Douthat, Owner & Tech

Removing and Inserting needles in a smocking pleater

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I am trying to pleat on Courdoroy and am breaking needles. Do you make a larger needle, or have suggestions, or tips?
From Al & Ann at Read Pleater: We have found that light weight corduroys are not really a problem to pleat, but there is obviously a limit somewhere along the line, which can only really be established by trial and error. As usual, it is always important to prepare any difficult fabrics by removing any starch beforehand. It also helps with difficult fabric to pleat a piece of kitchen wax paper through the pleater which leaves a thin film of wax on the needles and this helps with the pleating process.

Regarding the needles, we only have our standard thickness of needles available. We are sometimes asked if we have thicker needles available, but we believe that as these would be more difficult to push through the fabric, they would probably be of no help.
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