We are excited to introduce the BERNINA Adjustable Ruler Work Foot! Compatible with our line of home sewing machines, the Adjustable Ruler Work Foot #72 can be adjusted in height to adapt to a variety of fabric thicknesses. This will be your new perfect presser foot for ruler work with your domestic BERNINA machine. Available later this year at your local BERNINA store. This foot is adjustable & will fit Bernina machines from the B215 to the B880.

Note: We used the Bernina #72 Foot with our Sew Steady Westalee Low Shank Templates at Bernina University last year and it worked great. You have to turn off the pivot action on the Bernina machine, and you have to adjust the foot to the lowest position. Sew Steady

Ruler work on a Bernina Sewing Machine. This demonstration shows the Bernina 350 using the Westalee Ruler Foot fitted to the Bernina Adapter Shank. The template is Westalee Design's Spin-e-fex no 6 11 1/2" The video shows just how easy it is to rulers on your Domestic Sewing Machine with this Low Shank Ruler Foot.

#72 - BERNINA Adjustable Ruler Foot

Finally, the presser foot that can be adjusted in height to adapt to a variety of fabric thicknesses! This makes the Adjustable Ruler Foot #72 the presser foot for ruler work on BERNINA home sewing machines.

Height-adjustable presser foot for ruler work
Excellent view of needle and the point where it pierces the fabric
Stable construction for support of the rulers, allowing precise and aligned stitch lines
Allows 360 degree access and sight
Can be used with 1/4" thick rulers
Compatible with BERNINA 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 & 8 series machines
Use with straight stitch plate recommended

Tutorial: how to do ruler work with the BERNINA ruler foot no. 72.
The BERNINA ruler foot # 72 was specifically made for ruler work on BERNINA sewing machines.

In this video we show you step by step how to prepare your BERNINA machine and how to use the ruler foot with to create attractive lines and curves – with unparalleled precision.

The high-sided edge allows precise quilting around all edges of the template. The adjustment dials wheel allows the height of the presser foot to be customised to the thickness of the quilt. This means that the ruler foot can also be used with BERNINA sewing machines which do not offer the option for adjusting presser foot height. A patented invention exclusively from BERNINA!

Markings on the presser foot help to produce accurate seams. The notch at the front of the ruler foot allows you to keep an eye on your work at all times. The curved base of the foot glides smoothly over the fabric and allows the fabric to pass through evenly – for sewing and quilting results of the highest standard.
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