This frame will be used for embroidering specially shaped items that cannot be held in a traditional frame, such as shoes and gloves. Used to embroider shoes when size is greater than 27 cm (US9/UK8/EUR42).

.8x1.8" Designs, Logos, Numbers. New! Right and Left Clamp frames (PRCLP45LR) (Approx. 8" x 1.8") These frames allow you to embroider on shoes larger than a women’s size 10 and men’s size 8. Arm D is sold sperately.

The right and left clamp frames expand embroidery capabilities even further allowing embroidery on larger shoe sizes. (Arm D not included)

Owning Arm D is required before using this hoop set, because that hoop set includes the Machine's inserting clamp.

For Use With Entrepreneur® Pro PR-1000, Entrepreneur® Pro PR1000e, Entrepreneur® PR-650, Entrepreneur® PR650e, Entrepreneur® PR655E

Brother PR Hoop Compatibility Chart(.PDF)
Instruction Manua for Brother PRCLP45LR Left & Right Clamp Frame Hoops

Soccer Shoe Clamp is designed to allows embroidery on soccer shoe sides and tongues. Its exceptional grip strength will hold the shoe in place during embroidering. The clamp body is rail mounted , (it attaches to the drive rail of the panagraph) to ensure maximum rigidity on the machine. The window size is deep. The window size is designed small enough to fit down into most shoe sides and still have an adequate sewing field for logos, flags, initials, names, numbers etc. The upper and lower clamping frames have an aggressive non-slip surface to hold leather and nylon secure during sewing. Embroidery on finished shoe.