The HOOP TECH Soccer Shoe Clamp is designed to allows embroidery on soccer shoe sides and tongues. Its exceptional grip strength will hold the shoe in place during embroidering. The clamp body is rail mounted , (it attaches directly the drive rail of the panagraph - same as a cap driver) to ensure maximum rigidity on the machine.

The window size is 2 3/4" wide by 1 1/2" deep. The window size is designed small enough to fit down into most shoe sides and still have an adequate sewing field for logos, flags, initials, names, numbers etc.

The upper and lower clamping frames have an aggressive non-slip surface to hold leather and nylon secure during sewing.

Embroidery on finished shoes is definitely a challenge. But with the HOOP TECH Soccer Shoe Clamp you will be able to sew in places that you never thought possible.

NOTE: When using hoops on your Brother machine that are non-Brother hoops you may have to do a trial layout. Make sure the needle or foot will not hit the frame when it is sewing.