This frames is used for a multitude of items, starting with being able to sew down the sleeve of a shirt, coat or pant leg. It also makes sewing on lunch bag, Christmas socks and the fronts of button down shirts ( hoop it once and sew in between the button holes).

NOTE: When using hoops on your Brother machine that are non-Brother hoops you may have to do a trial layout. Make sure the needle or foot will not hit the frame when it is sewing.
Mary R, Hampton VA
product came quickly. the tracking information was behind, but it was noted the information may not be up-to-date. Would be nice if it were current. Find using the website a bit difficult in searching, but probably how I was trying to search. Have bought from company before and would definitely consider for future purchases.

Pat Roller, Reedsville PA
Thanks for the call when the address was confusing. Great service. Love the product. Will be ordering again

Gayan Rook, Berwick LA
Fabulous service! Also, anytime I go into the store Eugenie is so wonderful and so very knowledgeable! She can answer any questions I have as a new embroiderer! So lucky to have her!!! Heather is also very knowledageable and helpful... thank you for having talented ladies working for your establishment! So much more helpful than Brother itself!