*Requires Your Existing or Prior Purchase of Brother PRCL1. Tubular Hoop Cylinder Frame with Driver Attachment, and Hoop Setting Gauge for PR1000, PR655, PR650, PR620 (or PR600 Upgraded for Cylinder Frame Use)

The advanced cap frame set gives you a generous area for cap embroidery. Now it’s easy to add logos or your favorite phrase to a wide array of caps. The cap frame embroidery area is 130mm x 60mm, approximately 5” wide x 2.4” tall.

Fits the brother PR620 / PR650 / PR1000 Cylinder Frame Unit.

For Use With: PR-600, PR-600II, PR-620, PR600IIUPG, Entrepreneur® PR-650, Entrepreneur® PR650e

Perfect for setting up 2nd project while the first is being embroidered.

Note: Compatible with Version 2.10 Only.

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icon Brother PR Frame and Driver Compatibility Chart.

Re: Hello. We are looking at the cylinder frame (PRCL1) for the prs100 brother embroidery machine. The info states it needs an upgrade kit to turn the metal notch from a regular to a split in 3 notch.
The online manual shows a photo of the notch plate on page 3. It states version 2.10 and says kit sold separately. I can't seem to find the kit so we can get a price. Kevin
Below is my source of info. . . .

You can access from the URL below.


Cheryl, Fyi. John

A local repair shop was able to figure out what was needed. It is the:

XE2319001 Cylinder Connection L
XE2320001 Cylinder Connection R
#59 and #60 on pages 20 and 23 respectively of the parts reference list Model PR1000.

maybe this information will help others in the future and you can feel free to pass it along to anyone in Brother that may need.


Kevin W. Luce
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