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For free-motion sewing, quilting and embroidery.
Perfect for quilting small designs & micro stippling.
*Height-adjustable & spring loaded making it adaptable to
a wide range of fabric thickness or for use with layered fabrics.
Tutorial: Free-motion quilting with micro stippling with the Adjustable stippling foot no. 73
Stippling and detail work are easy and precise with BERNINA’s Adjustable stippling foot no. 73! The open shape offers an excellent view of the project, which is perfect for detail work such as micro stippling. Marks on the foot focus on the needle penetration point, for full stitch control at all times. With the height adjustment dial, it is easy to change presser foot height to accommodate a variety of quilt thickness. This videos shows how to attach the presser foot, adjust settings as necessary and how to achieve perfect quilting results.

  • Height-adjustable and spring-loaded?adaptable to a wide range of fabric thickness or for use with layered fabrics
  • Stippling foot toe with matted grey coating to avoid glare while quilting
  • Increased visibility perfect for micro stippling
  • Precise alignment with markings to focus on the foot?s center, the needle penetration point
  • Better gliding properties due to rounded edges on side and front toe of foot
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icon BERNINA 104211.70.00 #73 Adjustable Height Open Toe Free Motion Stippling Foot

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