Clover's newest pin, the Wonder Pin, combines the benefits of both straight pins and safety pins into one ergonomic design. They are strong enough to hold multiple layers together but are thin enough to not leave holes in your fabric. They can hold together a wide variety of fabrics, ranging from the very fine to the very heavy. never worry about your pins bending again!

Simply use one hand to insert the point down through the fabric layers and push to expose the thin sharp point, then push down on the closure to lock in place. To remove, push down on the closure again and release.

Check out this Wonder Pins review by the Shibaguyz:
  • 20 per pack
  • 10 pink and 10 green pins in each pack
  • 1¼" wide (32mm)
  • Curved pin design that's perfect for pinning on flat surfaces or partially pinnable dressforms
  • Ergonomic design that's great for those with mobility issues in hands, fingers, and wrists
  • Thin needle that won't pucker or punch holes in your fabric

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icon We can't say enough about the revolutionary new Wonder Pins. They make basting a quilt easy and...dare we say it...FUN! These are a stocking stuffer that every quilting would appreciate!

icon The Wonder Pin features a curved needle, making it easy to pin on any surface and through multiple layers of fabric!

icon This 20-pack features 10 pink pins and 10 green pins.

icon This pin design is perfect for pinning on flat surfaces.

icon The Wonder Pin's curved needle is also perfect for use on partially pinnable dressforms.

icon The ergonomic design makes it a breeze to pin fabric with one hand. It's perfect for people with mobility issues in their hands, wrists, and fingers!

icon First, insert the point down through fabric layers and push up to expose the sharp point, much like you would a safety pin.

icon Second, push down on the closure to either lock in place or release for removal.