Has a wide opening at the front of the foot for a clear view of the stitching area
Wedge-shaped channel under the sole of the foot ensures perfect fabric feed over dense stitch formations
Ideal for sewing on trims and creating attractive applique.

BERNINA presser feet -- Open embroidery foot #20/20C.

The 21st section of the BERNINA presser-feet online tutorial is about the open embroidery foot no. 20/20C. The open embroidery foot differs from embroidery foot no. 6 in so far as it has a wider space between the toes, affording a clear view of the stitching area and the needle. The wedge-shaped indentation on the sole allows compact and bulky stitches to pass under the foot without inhibiting the feeding of the fabric. The open embroidery foot no. 20 is particularly suitable for appliqué, Richelieu embroidery, following patterns and lines, curves and corners, and attaching various types of tapes, e.g. ribbons or elastics. The open embroidery foot no. 56 comes with sliding sole for materials that tend to stick.

Tutorial: how to use the BERNINA embroidery foot no. 6, 20, 20C, 20D, 39, 39C and 56
Which embroidery foot carries out which task best? This tutorial explains to you how you can best use the different BERNINA embroidery feet in order to implement your textile design ideas effectively. Here, you find out which embroidery foot is suitable for which embroidery widths, which specialists are available for use with the BERNINA dual transport, for what purpose open embroidery feet can be used and how "sticky" materials can be easily processed with the foot no. 56 thanks to anti-stick coating. Buttonhole and decorative seams, appliqués, the sewing-over of decorative thread, the accurate embroidering of "sticky" materials such as leather or imitation leather --in this video you will learn about the embroidery feet for all these purposes. You also receive tips for effective designs and learn what you need to look out for to implement your design in the best possible way. The video instructions thus open up an impressive diversity of possibilities for you -- creative embroidery design to perfection.

A Guide to Bernina Applique Presser Feet