NEW Schmetz Black Super Fine Size 70/10 Needles 130/705H-SU XS The Black Super Fine Needle with its special properties sews delicate, fine fabrics, and adhesive stabilizers. The nonstick coating ensures that the needle glides smoothly, allowing the delicate, fine, and lightweight fabrics to be handled with care. The nonstick coating allows thread to glide smoothly through the eye. From normal usage, the nonstick coating will diminish. This does not affect the anti-adhesive properties. When using light-colored fabrics or thread, SCHMETZ recommends making sample stitches before sewing project.

SUITABLE FABRICS/MATERIALS: Delicate, fine, and lightweight fabrics such as silk, organza, voile, and adhesive stabilizers.
KEY FEATURES: Slim, slightly rounded point, special scarf and nonstick.

Fives needles per card ten cards per box. Sold per box.
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