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Overview of Features:
  • Cordless technology for ease of use
  • Ceramic-coated soleplate with durable, non-stick surface
  • Retractable cord reel on base
  • Unique double-point design
  • Vertical Steam
  • Detachable water tank
  • Ideal for quilters and crafters

    Cordless Steam/Dry Iron
    Enjoy the ease and full-featured convenience of cordless, 360 degree ironing with this distinctive, quick-heating 1500-watt steam/dry iron. A super smooth ceramic soleplate sails through wrinkles. Steam and temperature levels are one-button simple, and a lightweight carrying case makes your iron portable, ideal for quilters and crafters.

    Iron in Every Direction
    With its smooth, non-stick double-pointed ceramic soleplate, this cordless Freestyle iron moves effortlessly in any direction to eliminate wrinkles and creases from sleeves, cuffs, collars, slacks, and more with precision and speed.

    Smooth Ceramic Soleplate
    Ideal for frequent ironing tasks, the iron evenly distributes heat to its entire super smooth ceramic soleplate to easily handle a range of dry and steam heat settings. It also eliminates static, even at high temperature levels.

    Quick and Easy to Use
    Simply place the iron into the charging base and set the temperature to match the fabric you want to iron. In just two to three minutes, the soleplate is perfectly heated and ready to go. Place the iron back in the base when you pause to shift garments on your ironing board to maintain iron temperature.

    Adjustable Steam and Dry Settings
    Confidently apply the perfect concentration of steam, or no steam at all, to all your ironing tasks. Set to high for heavier and everyday fabrics, low for more delicate fabrics and quick touch-ups. Choose dry for ironing when no steam is needed.

    Spray Away Wrinkles
    A convenient spray-mist button instantly puts an extra shot of moisture exactly when and where you need it to eliminate stubborn wrinkles from sleeves, collars, trousers, and more.

    No-Spill Refills
    With a lightweight, detachable water tank, you'll never again have to take the entire iron to the sink for refills. Simply remove the tank, fill with water and snap instantly back into place for fast, no-spill refills.

    Jet-of-Steam Power
    With the push of a button, the iron's vertical steam capability directs a full powerful burst of steam through the soleplate to instantly relax and remove wrinkles in hanging garments, curtains, drapes, and more. When done, another burst of steam helps clear the iron's steam vents.

    Eliminate Water Spots
    The iron's built-in anti-drip system provides a long-life water seal inside the iron's body to prevent hot water leakage and protect your fabrics from water spotting.

    Stay Clean Steam Vents
    An automatic, anti-calcium system also helps prevent clogged steam vents by reducing sediment buildup in the vaporizing chamber of the iron.

    Retractable Cord Reel
    When ironing is finished, the touch of a button on the charging base automatically retracts the power cord inside the base to eliminate tangled, unruly power cord storage.

    Auto Shut-Off
    If you're interrupted or called away while ironing and forget to unplug the charging base, no worries. The charging base safely and automatically turns itself off after 10 minutes.

    Fast, Easy Storage
    The transparent, heat-resistant carrying case can be easily snapped onto the charging base after use for convenient storage of the iron.

    Perfect for Quilters and Crafts
    Cordless convenience, double-pointed soleplate and 360-degree ironing freedom also make the NI-WL607 ideal for quilting, crafting, and sewing. The lightweight carrying case and handle let you easily bring your iron and charging base to your work, not the other way around.

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  • US Warranty 1 year limited warranty on defects in materials and workmanship.
  • Extended US Warranty: Extended Warranty Available
  • Non-US Warranty: 30 days parts and labor
360 Degree Multi-Directional Cordless Steam Iron with Ceramic Sole Plate Cordless design allows for free movement and no cord snags. Curved, high-quality Ceramic-coated soleplate with durable, non-stick surface effectively distributes heat and glides smoothly over fabrics. 360-degree multi-directional capability for smooth ironing in any direction. Vertical steam feature de-wrinkles hanging garments. Power 1500W Detachable water tank for easy-filling. Power base features retractable cord reel and heat-resistant carrying case. Limited 1 year warranty. Customers should call Panasonic directly with warranty issues 1-800-405-0652 or email to [email protected]
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