NEW - Schmetz 130/705H-JT Gold Denim / Jeans Needles Size 100/16 Suitable for working with jeans, heavy, and layers of thick fabrics. The Titanium Nitride protective coating is significantly harder than the standard coating which ensures extra-long needle life. The medium ball point displaces the fabric threads and penetrates the gaps, allowing the needle to penetrate through solid, thick fabrics more easily without damaging the material. There is less resistance to the needle at fabric penetration. The special blade design ensures high needle stability and reduces needle breakage and skipped stitches.

SUITABLE FABRICS/MATERIALS: Denim / Jeans and similarly thick woven fabrics such as oilskin, canvas, totes, and bags.
KEY FEATURES: Special blade design, medium ball point, wear protection.

Five needles per card and ten cards per box.
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