The pins "straddle" the intersection of the seams and keep the fabric from shifting while sewing. Great for matching plaids, and seam junctions.

The grip of the double pin is bent for ease in handling.

Very fine 0.56 by 40mm (approx. 1 1/2")
70 per package.

Unique among all other straight pins is Clover’s Fork Pin and Fork Blocking Pin. Both have two shafts connected by a U-shaped, turned-up end. The final effect is that of two very fine straight pins connected at one end effectively stabilizing both shafts as they stabilize our fabric. The turned-up connector even allows you to pin fabrics without lifting them. They’re perfect for securing hard to handle or slippery lining materials for fashion. They are great for positioning stripe or plaid fabric pattern alignment prior to sewing in place. Fork pins are ideal for holding fashion components like pockets or various style embellishments in place prior to sewing. They've also found a new home in creative contemporary quilting where matching unique shapes is required. Blocking knitted garments? Fork Blocking Pins are the “go to” tools.
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