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The Spanish hemstitch attachment #47 is the expert when it comes to sophisticated decorative techniques. This special accessory makes it a cinch to sew edging to skirts and other garments. Stitching fringe to curtains is also a breeze with the hemstitch attachment.

This accessory is also used to join individual pieces of fabric together when extending tablecloths or runners. The Spanish hemstitch attachment #47 is suitable for a variety of sewing machines. Simply attach presser foot #20 / 20C and the hemstitch attachment and choose a suitable stitch.

Binding fabric edges with or without cording
Creating finished edges with cording
To guide 5.5 mm cords, use the #20 foot
To guide 9 mm cords, use the #20C foot
For 5.5 mm and 9 mm machines
Tutorial: how to do perfect hemstitching with the spanish hemstitch attachment no. 47
In this instruction video you will learn how to use the Spanish hemstitch attachment no. 47 in combination with the BERNINA presser foot no. 20 or 20C, in order to conjure up perfect hemstitching in the twinkling of an eye. Our video gives a detailed view of how the components of the Spanish hemstitching attachment are assembled in just a few simple steps; and what you need to watch out for to ensure trouble-free sewing. We also give you lots of useful tips. The result is beautiful, precise hemstitching with clearly defined spacing -- even with sewn cord.