Regular Sharp or Ball Point, Flat Back Shank Needles for Home Sewing, Serger and Quilting Machines, Specify 1 Size and Point, Size 14 Recommended for Sewing Machines and Sergers, Ships from RETAIL

*Size 14 recommended for sewing machines and sergers depending on fabric thickness and thread size. Size 16-18 recommended for free motion quilting on machine or frames to reduce needle deflection which can cause skipped stitches and shredding thread. Specify Sharp or Ball Point

*These Organ Needles have a flat shank and are Interchangeable with Schmetz 130/705H and Singer 2020. Same as Brother part number 129583-001.

  • Buy in bulk and save!
  • Optional Boxes of 100 best quality needles from Japan will last through hundreds of sewing projects!
  • Interchangeable with Schmetz 130/705H
  • Same as Brother part number 129583-001, except more needles
  • Look for Organ specialty needles for MACHINE EMBROIDERY and SERGERS in search box above.

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Organ Needles are Chrome Plated (Finish).
Organ no longer labels “CF” Chrome Finish or “CP” Chrome Plate because that is the “default” finish for Organ Needles.
The same is true for Groz Beckert & Schmetz as they too don’t label all of their needles “CF” either.
Rest assured that if the needles are not “PD”(titanium), “CS”, “LP”, “HP”(non-stick), they are shiney Chrome by default. Organ