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From Bernina:There will be a delay in the shipping of the WiFi Devices for V9 Software due to the global shortage of semi-conductor chips. We will ship/sell the V9 Software without the WiFi Devices and then upon the arrival of the WiFi Devices we will send them BERNINA dealers to distribute. As a thank you for your patience in waiting for the WiFi Device we are including a $20 OESD Gift Card for free design downloads.

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DesignerPlus Update
  • Update for your DesignerPlus 6, 7 or 8
  • Easy installation and WiFi functionality
  • Manual and auto-digitzing
  • Over 100 lettering & monogramming fonts
  • Keyboard design collection for self-made fonts

    Send your design to the machine with a single click
  • Thanks to the new WiFi connector
  • Wireless transfer of designs
  • So easy and convenient

    The BERNINA WiFi connector is developed to wirelessly transfer your embroidery designs. This seamless process enables you to do all your creating on the computer and then send it to your embroidery machine for stitching. Whenever your embroidery design is ready for stitching out, you just start the process with a click.


    • NEW SEWING FEATURES Over 200 new built-in sewing stitches and two new sewing alphabets. Triple Stitch Function for bold decorative stitches, Presser Foot Selection for security functions, and much more!

    • BSR 3 MODE AND KICKSTART BSR 3 Mode allows you to set your stitch length to 2 or 4 stitches per inch for easy quilt basting.



    • PINPOINT PLACEMENT: Place your design on the fabric exactly where you want it quickly and precisely. NEW: Lock function to maintain the size of the design during positioning.

    • REARRANGE Change the stitch-out sequence of design layers. Use Rearrange in combination with Group and Ungroup for further editing possibilities

    • GROUP AND UNGROUP Group designs to edit together. Ungroup a design to edit individual layers.

    • QUILTING IN THE HOOP Unique, built-in design collection, complete with beautifully patterned quilt blocks and continuous line quilting designs all done in embroidery

    • NEW EMBROIDERY DESIGNS AND ALPHABETS Includes over 130 new embroidery designs and two new embroidery fonts

    • COMPATIBLE WITH THE NEW EMBROIDERY MODULE The new BERNINA Smart Drive Technology (SDT) Module elevates your embroidery experience with enhanced stitch quality, smoother and quieter movement, and up to 55% higher embroidery speed
  • Easy installation
  • Neat and smart home screen
  • Customize anything you want
  • Create your unique graphic design
  • Clear interface and improved features
  • Digitize your handwriting
  • Easy positioning
  • Your favorite image as embroidery design
  • One-of-a-kind appliques
  • Choose from many built-in font designs
  • Manage your designs in the design library
  • 3D Embroidery
  • Color management
  • Multi-Hooping
  • Embroidering on quilts
    V9 Upgrade or Update

    Free update from version 9 to version 9.2 which now recognizes the largest hoop that comes with the B990.
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icon Easy installation
• Improved installation process
• Easy and flexible!
•Use software on multiple computers
Installing BERNINA Embroidery Software 9 has never been easier or more flexible thanks to the improved installation process. In a snap, the software is installed on your computer. Plus, you can use the software on multiple computers just by signing in and out.

icon Neat and smart home screen
• With helpful tutorials
• Direct access to the help section
• Browse through new projects
Upon opening BERNINA Embroidery Software 9 you will notice an informative and interactive home screen that offers links to tutorials, new projects and resources.

icon Customize anything you want
• Alter embroidery designs limitlessly
• Special fill effects, change colors, etc.
• New branching and Weld tool
Alter an embroidery design according to your desires and without limits. The Full Editing feature offers the new Branching and the Weld tool. With the Branching tool you don’t have to think about the most efficient stitching sequence and connectors as this function does it for you. Digitizers often want to combine or weld objects into a single object which is easy with the new Weld tool.

icon Create your unique graphic designs
• With the newest version of CorelDraw
• Choose from many designs
• Afterwards. send it to the WiFi
connector If you wish to start with a new graphic, simply open the newest version of the graphic program CorelDraw SE – and get your own drawings in a breeze. In both levels many new graphics have been added that you can choose from. Once the design is open use the new features to have fun creating, editing and designing your personally made embroidery design to prepare for sending it via WiFi connection to your embroidery machine.

icon Clear interface and improved features
• Intuitive and easy to manage
• Small or large icons for a perfect view
• Open more than one design at a time
All the incredible software features are easy to use and navigate with the user-friendly interface. The menu is just intuitive and easy to manage. You have the choice between small or large icons for a perfect view and the tool names and functions can be displayed if desired. Open more than one design at a time and easily switch between designs.

icon Digitize your handwriting
• And expand your lettering capability
• Type alphabet designs on screen
• Five additional Keyboard Design
Collection fonts Thanks to the new Keyboard Design Collection, you can expand your lettering capabilities limitlessly. With this versatile new feature, you can map existing alphabet designs to the keyboard, so you can type them directly on screen. No more combining designs one by one! You can even digitize your handwriting or your own alphabets from scratch! Furthermore, five additional Keyboard Design Collection fonts are included.

icon Easy positioning
• Move and rotate the design
• For a perfect embroidery placement
• Advanced preview options
The positioning feature makes it easy to place designs where you want them. Just set the design worksheet and add a template to your preview, then move and rotate the design within the hoop and use the advanced print preview options. Use the hoop template and basting stitch markers for the exact positioning.

icon Your favorite image as embroidery design
• Updated auto-digitizing
• Enhanced full digitizing
• Few clicks, ready to stitch!
Take artwork and turn it into an embroidery design – all done by using the powerful, updated Auto-Digitizing and Full Digitizing tools. In just a few clicks your artwork is ready to stitch. With Full Digitizing you can create your embroidery design from a sketch and digitize it manually. This allows even more flexibility right from the beginning.

icon One-of-a-kind appliqués
• With just one click
• Convert any closed shape
• Create appliqué even with holes
Enjoy the extended tools to create appliqué and convert closed any shape into an appliqué design with just one click. Even creating appliqué with holes inside is possible with ease. Want to cut the fabric with the CutWork tool or a cutting machine? No problem as you can save an extra cutting file directly from the embroidery canvas.

icon Choose from many built-in font designs
• Over 100 different fonts
• Suggested size is already included
• Use True and Open Type fonts
With the BERNINA Embroidery Software 9 you will get over 100 fonts – with some modern handwritten style fonts included. To ensure the best quality, the recommended size for each font is displayed in the dialog box. And there are even more improvements: The font preview size is now changeable from small to large and the suggested size is already included. The font selection window shows recently used fonts at the bottom for more ease of use.

icon Manage your designs in the design library
• Browse through various designs
• Load your designs into the library
• From library to WiFi Device in one click
This powerful integrated design library ensures quick access to all designs and provides enhanced design management. It makes it easy to browse, group and search for designs or get inspired. From here you can also directly send your designs to the BERNINA WiFi Device for stitch-out.

icon 3D Embroidery
• Embroider your favorite photo
• 3D effects for embroidered letters
• Enhanced CutWork function
The Color Photo Stitch and Automatic Digitizing features turn your favorite photo into a detailed embroidery design in just a few steps. With Puffy Lettering add outstanding 3D effects to embroidered letters and with the enhanced CutWork function create beautiful Eyelet Embroidery and Appliqué. The Globe Effect turns flat embroidery into a 3D design and with Couching create stunning 3D effects in combination with wool.

icon Color management
• Pick your color in the Color wheel
• Huge color palette (56 + 3 appliqué)
• Fill objects as you wish
Palette positions are numbered for easy reference within the Color Management system and the color wheel features a range of color options. It has never been easier to pick the right color and fill objects with the help of the numerous colors within the palette (56 + 3 appliqué). The chosen colors are tagged with a blue marker.

icon Multi-Hooping
• For very large designs
• Cover the entire design
• Preview hooping sequences
Creating large designs is simple using the Multi-Hooping feature which automatically places more than one hoop when necessary. It places hoops to cover the entire design, fitting as many objects as possible into each hoop position. You can preview all hooping sequences and save it as a complete design or as separate multi-hooping machine files.

icon Embroidering on quilts
• Create echo quilting designs
• Get help with the block sizing and positioning
• Easy embroidery on quilts
Embroidering on quilts is also easy with the Automated Quilt block layout feature. The automatic quilt background stitching is used to create “echo” quilting designs, like scroll-clipped or stipple-filled quilt blocks. The best part: you will even receive quilt block sizing and positioning aids.

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