This frames is used for a multitude of items, starting with being able to sew down the sleeve of a shirt, coat or pant leg. It also makes sewing on lunch bag, Christmas socks and the fronts of button down shirts ( hoop it once and sew in between the button holes).

NOTE: When using hoops on your Brother machine that are non-Brother hoops you may have to do a trial layout. Make sure the needle or foot will not hit the frame when it is sewing.
Mitzi B, Diamond Head MS
I am still awaiting confirmation on return of this hoop. There was nothing wrong with it other than I ordered the incorrect size. I have since ordered the correct sized used it and love it and everything I have purchased from Allbrands. I especially think the Slidell manager Earlene is most helpful and takes very good care of her customers. It has been a pleasure to do business with Allbrands.