The Gen 2 from Hoop Tech is the next generation HTProfessional-style cap hat frame which is designed for sewing closer to the bill than ever before

Note: Not for Brother PR1000, PR1050X. Use for some floppy hats, the Gen2 could be used on a hat with a thinner, flexible, narrow brim, more height and less width of Sewing Area, approximately 6" Wide x 4" Height*

*Note: *Requires Purchase of EMS Hoop Tech Dream T-Bar Gauge Clamp for the Dream Cap Frame- Please Specify Machine.*Also requires the Brother Driver from the original PRCF3 Cap Equipment Box*.

For Brother PR600, PR620, PR650, PR650E, PR655E, Babylock EMP6, BMP6, Happy, Tajima, Toyota, SWF, Ricoma, ZSK

Note: The hoop sensor override bracket is not sold separately. It comes with any Hoop Tech Gen2 Dream Frame (599733 & 599734) that is sold for the Brother PR & BabyLock machines.The Override Bracket is stapled to the Gen 2 in a set of instructions. Hoop Tech

Introducing the Hoop Tech "Dream Frame" Cap/Hat Hooping Frame

This is the next generation of EMS style cap frames. It was specially designed with the larger field embroidery machines in mind like Brother and Babylock.

New “DREAM FRAME” features include:
• Backing clips to hold your stabilizer in place during framing.
• Internal retaining fingers for proper bill alignment.
• A spring steel bill retainer that sets and holds the bill angle.
• View ports to use as alignment guides during framing.
• Lighter frame design (20% less weight) than the original.
• Extended saddle for easier installation on driver.
• Open design Top Clamp.
• Large sewing field

The stitch quality of the Dream Frame is even better than the original EMS style cap frame and it’s easier to frame using the redesigned T-Bar Framing Gage Seen in the recommended accessories below:

DREAM FRAME demonstration by Hoop Tech Products:

Important Notes:
  • *The Dream T-Bar Gauge clamp is required to use this Cap Frame
  • *You must have an existing Cap Driver from the machine manufactuere to connect to your machines.
  • There is a metal cap that covers the machine's hoop sensor which tells the machine a Cap Frame is attached. For each sew out press the layout icon for trial run to ensure the needle will not hit the hoop while sewing.

NOTE: When using hoops on your Brother machine that are non-Brother hoops you may have to do a trial layout. Make sure the needle or foot will not hit the frame when it is sewing.

Click To Download PR Drive Modification Instructions

The new “GEN 2” will turn your (6) & (10) needle machine into a REAL cap sewing machine. The new bill holding strap holds down the bill so you can get closer to the needles than ever before, for a much larger sewing field.

For PR & Baby Lock owners, the “GEN 2” comes with a specially designed override bracket that attaches to your cap frame drive bar with one of the 2 thumb screws, and allows you to sew a larger sewing field and also increases the stitching speed. (Just click here to see how easy it is to set up your machine for the dream frame)

*The maximum height you can stitch is approximately up to 4" and 5.5"- 6" left to right and as close to 1/2"-5/8" from the bill. However, we do not recommend trying to embroider to the maximum sewing areas depending on the capabilities of your machine. Sewing too close to the top of the cap or too close to the bill could compromise the quality of your stitch. A more realistic measurement would be somewhere between 2" to 2.5" high and 5" to 5.5" across without losing registration.
HOW TO USE THE Hoop Tech GEN2 CAP FRAME on Your Brother PR or Babylock Machine Video:

How to Hoop a Richardson/outdoor Cap Video:

How to hoop Bucket hats and Visors using the Gen 2 System:

Override Installation Clip on PR Machines

Hoop Tech Dream Frame Cap Frame part numbers for Brother PR Series compatible with models:

Brother PR600/600II/620/650/655 - 599733
Brother PR1000 Series - 599734
Baby Lock 6 Needle - 599733
Baby Lock 10 Needle - 599734
Included Accessories
When we ship the Gen 2s for the PR600s and PR 1000s the hoop sensor override bracket is stapled to the top of printed instruction. Hoop Tech.
Other Images

icon The innovative spring steel bill retainer holds the lower front of the cap and helps to eliminate flagging.

icon The existing Sewing Field Override bracket lets the PR owner take advantage of the larger sewing field available on the dream frame Hoop Tech includes the Override Bracket for Brother PR600 and Babylock PR6, BL EMP BMP Machines.Please be sure to do a trail layout to ensure that your needle does not hit the frame while sewing.

icon Overide clip installation on PR machine

HoopTech vs Brother Cap Equipment: Thank you for the question. In addition to the larger sew field, we have a few other differences. Starting with the T-Bar Framing Gauge that replaces the framing gauge from brother. Our gauge is adjustable, making it easy to lay the material down on a structured cap, unstructured cap, bucket caps and visors. It also has a T-Bar to assist in stretching the material so the customer no longer needs an extra set of hands, bag clips or rubber bands. The Gen 2 frame itself provides much better registration while holding the backing in place for the customer. The better registration means way less needle breaks and bunching of stitches. I have added links below to our best demonstration videos on the T-bar and Gen2. These should help highlight the features I have just outlined. Please let me know if you need anything else. how to use the Gen 2 - structured caps i.e. Richardson - buckets ad visors using Gen 2
Will this work with the Brother PRS-100 Persona?
Yes, as long as you have your cap driver for your PRS-100, the Gen 2 Cap Frame will work with it!

Will this work with the SWF/A-T1201?
It will, we just have to make a special order. Please contact us for more details.
Lynn P, Denham Springs LA
Very satisfied with the service I received as this was a replacement to a previous order that was ordered incorrectly. I had the pleasure of meeting Blaine and explaining my situation and Eugeny and Jenny have been most helpful in resolving my issue to my satisfaction. Thank you.