The cylinder frame set allows you to stitch fashion and logo embroidery on long narrow trouser legs, sleeves and other locations with ease.

The cylinder frame embroidery area is 90mm x 80mm (approximately 3.5” x 3”)

For Use With:PRS100, PR-600, PR600II, PR620, Entrepreneur® PR650, Entrepreneur® PR650e, Entrepreneur® PR655, PR-655C, PR670, PR1000, PR1050

This Brother PRCL1 Cylinder & Driver Frame Set allows you to stitch fashion and logo embroidery on long narrow pant legs, sleeves and other locations with ease. The Brother PRCL1 Cylinder & Driver Frame Set embroidery area is 90mm x 80mm, approximately 3.5” x 3”. Use the Brother PRCL1 Cylinder & Driver Frame Set with Version 2.10 only.

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icon Brother PR Hoop Frame and Driver Combinations for PR600 and PR620. Also fits on PR650, PR1000 and Babylock Models.

Re: Hello. We are looking at the cylinder frame (PRCL1) for the prs100 brother embroidery machine. The info states it needs an upgrade kit to turn the metal notch from a regular to a split in 3 notch. The online manual shows a photo of the notch plate on page 3. It states version 2.10 and says kit sold separately. I can't seem to find the kit so we can get a price. Kevin Below is my source of info. . . . You can access from the URL below. Cheryl, Fyi. John A local repair shop was able to figure out what was needed. It is the: XE2319001 Cylinder Connection L XE2320001 Cylinder Connection R #59 and #60 on pages 20 and 23 respectively of the parts reference list Model PR1000. maybe this information will help others in the future and you can feel free to pass it along to anyone in Brother that may need. Cordially, Kevin W. Luce 716-338-2460
Can I use the cylinder frame on caps as well?
You can embroidery boots with the Fast Frames. They will give you the advantage of a larger sewing field when the size of the boot allows, than the cylinder frame does. In my opinion, the cylinder frame is too limited. You can't do hats on them either- they're too long and even if you could get a hat on it, it would seriously limit the field on the x axis (side to side). The only type of hat you could possibly get on the cylinder frame is a beanie- nothing with a brim could possibly work. I think the best combination is the proper cap driver set for whichever machine she has, plus the Fast Frames. That will give her the most options. Carla
John, The cylinder frame can not be used for caps. The sewing field in too tall for caps as cap height for hi profile is substantially shorter than the height if and when the frame holder on cylinder. Perhaps the customer could use the cap frame for caps, then the Fast frames for the boots etc. cylinder could be used pant legs as well as long sleeves and wine bags. Am still checking on youth/children's caps and stitching using FFrames half circular hoop with sticky back stabilizer. Paulette B.
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