We proudly introduce Durkee Magnetic EZ Frames in four (4) sizes for the home and commercial embroiderer. The frames will work with existing Blue Adaptor Arms. The frames are available individually or in two sets with and without the Blue Adaptor Arm. Review the video introduction here:

Introducing Durkee Magnetic EZ Frames from Brent Taylor on Vimeo.

In addition to your standard embroidery projects, Durkee Magnetic EZ Frames are great for thick towels, blankets, quilt sandwiches, etc. Free standing lace stitches beautifully as the stabilizer is held tight and perfectly flat. They are also great for patches, heavy jackets, slippery fabrics, dense photo stitch designs or difficult materials such as cork, vinyl, etc.

Four (4) powerful magnetic bars for each frame instead of one singular hoop
  • Tremendous magnetic holding power
  • Centering aids on all four sides
  • Embroiderer’s choice of stabilizers
  • More control for centering and straightening
  • Work with existing Blue Adaptor Arms
  • US Warranty Limited Lifetime
  • Non-US Warranty: 30 days parts and labor
Important Note: The stated sewing field for each individual frame is factual for Commercial embroidery machines capable of stitching 10” or greater from top to bottom (Y axis). Due to the space required for the Blue Adaptor Arm, machines with sewing fields of less than 10” will not be able to stitch the full 8” height. However, width will not be an issue. Thus, Durkee reminds the embroiderer on the label of each frame to, “Always Trace Your Design”
Included Accessories
Magnetic 4x4 EZ Frame
Magnetic 5x8 EZ Frame
Magnetic 7x5 EZ Frame
Magnetic 8x8 EZ Frame