Brother Premium Warranty 2 years parts and labor, 6 years electronic parts, 25 years metal casting..

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New Features:
Wireless LAN
  • Choose either wireless LAN or USB cable for link mode for PE-Design
  • Easy to connect and place machines—you can connect up to 10 machines!

    Quilt sashing function with live camera
  • New 2-color quilt sashing is now available!
  • Only the "Semi-Auto split quilt sash" function is available.
  • Available frames for this function: LLL (360 x 200), LL (300 x 100), Border Frame (300 x 100), Magnet Sash Frame (360 x 200)

    New Embroidery Data
  • 5 patterns of 2-color quilt sashing are now available.
  • 26 new patterns of decorative fill are available on My Design Center.

    Thread spool change and thread breakage message on LCD
  • When you need to change threads "New Message" will be displayed and the LED light for the sew area will flash.
  • If you close the popup, you can recall "Change Thread Spool Information" before flicking the unlock key.
  • Alignment function on editing

    Individual start point setting for each embroidery element
  • To make each embroidery element positioning easier, starting points are set individually.
  • You can choose either whole elements or individual elements.
  • Sound volume setting for operations and notification
  • Lighting brightness setting for sewing and notification
  • New embroidery screen

    My Stitch Monitor
  • Monitoring app for machine
  • Upgrade in My Stitch Monitor for multi-needle machine
    New Accessories: Flat brim cap frame (set), magnetic sash frame, and tubular frame table

    New Technology from Other Models
  • Undo/redo function on editing (from Stellaire)
  • Re-editing function of lettering (from XP-Luminaire and Stellaire)
  • Thread brand changing (from XP-Luminaire and Stellaire)
  • Favorites button for color shuffling (from XP-Luminaire and Stellaire)
  • Echo quilt function (from XP-Luminaire)
  • Same color button (from PR670)
  • No sewing button (from PR670)
  • New UI and redo function from My Design Center (from XP-Luminaire)
  • Increase date displaying format choices (from XP-Luminaire and Stellaire)

    •10 Needles and Large 10.1" Built-in High Definition LCD Display
    Increase your productivity with 10 needles and stitch designs up to 10 colors without changing thread. View your creations in a class-leading crisp, vivid color LCD display and navigate easily with the scrolling menu and large, intuitive icons. View 29 built-in tutorial videos or MP4 files on-screen.

    •Brother-Exclusive My Design Center Built-in Software for Virtually Endless Design Possibilities
    Draw designs directly onto the screen or use the included scanning frame to scan art to embroider. With up to 1600% zoom, view the smallest details of your designs on the LCD display.

    •Add Beautiful Stippling and Decorative Fills
    Accurately add stippling or echo stitching to any embroidery design, or save the outline, and then choose from 26 new built-in decorative fill patterns. With the embroidery preview mode now 40% wider, see the selected stippling or fill patterns before you begin to stitch.

    •Enhanced Embroidery Editing
    Elevate your embroidery with the best in class editing features. Left, center, and right alignment; undo and redo functions; grouping after line break; edit a single letter or a full line of text; and ‘no sew’ buttons allow you to turn off color sections of a design.

    •Built-in Embroidery Designs and Fonts with Fast Embroidery Speeds
    Explore 1,184 built-in embroidery designs, including 140 frame pattern combinations, 40 size-adjustable embroidery lettering fonts, and 11 monogramming font styles. Embroider up to 1,000 stitches per minute in just seven seconds flat with industry-leading high-speed acceleration.

    •Expansive Embroidery Area of 14" x 8"
    Perfect for large projects, including quilts and jacket backs. Includes four sizes of embroidery frames: 14" x 8", 5" x 7", 4" x 4", and 2" x 1.5".

    •Industry-First InnovEye Technology with Virtual Design Preview
    Get a real-time camera view of the needle area and see your embroidery design on your fabric – no scanning needed! Also, scan your fabric or garment, preview your design on-screen, and you’re ready to embroider. It works with the optional cap and cylinder frames for tight spaces.

    •Wireless LAN Connectivity—My Stitch Monitor Mobile App
    Keep track of your embroidery with the My Stitch Monitor mobile app on your iOS or Android device. Follow the progress of your project and get alerts when it’s time to change threads or when your embroidery is finished.

    •Wireless LAN Connectivity—Link Function
    With wireless LAN connectivity and PE-DESIGN 11 software*, you can link as many as 10 machines without a cable.

    •Magnetic Sash Frame* Patent-Pending Brother-Exclusive Hoopnetic Magnetic Frame
    Hoop and embroider thick materials with ease. Avoid fabric shifting and the need to re-hoop the fabric when connecting designs or embroidering large areas. Just slide the fabric on the frame for the next area to be embroidered.

    •Tubular Frame Table*
    Embroider easily on sleeves, pants, and other tubular items. Serves as extra support for big fabrics. Easily attach and remove with no space between machine and table.

    •Flat Brim Cap Frame* Patent-Pending Industry-First ‘Scratch-Free’ Flat Brim Cap Frame
    Embroider more types of hats than before with the easy-to-use ‘scratch-free’ cap frame. You can stitch an industry-leading 35% closer to the brim (6-10 mm), depending on the cap.

    *Magnetic Sash Frame, Tubular Frame Table, and Flat Brim Cap Frame are all recommended accessories. Additional purchase required. See below for other recommended accessories!

    PR Recommended Accessories:
    Magnetic Sash Frame
  • 360 x 200 mm sew area
  • Easy to hoop fabric
  • There is no need for pressure or physical force to be able to hoop the fabric. The magnets only need to be affixed while straightening out the wrinkles in the fabric.
  • The fabric slides while retaining 1 small magnet each on the upper and lower side of the frame and allows parallel sliding.
  • You can frame very thick material without exerting any force.
  • You can easily sew the center area of huge material

    Tubular Frame Table
  • Can attach the table for sewing long fabrics
  • Helps with stable sewing by supporting the fabric with the frame
    Flat Brim Cap Frame
  • Affixing the upper frame simply by pressing allows correct alignment by aligning the center of the frame and the cap.
  • The cap curves according to its natural curvature. It allows the original shape to be retained without any distortion or scratches without removing the frame.

    Flat Brim Cap Frame Set
  • Embroider closer to the brim with easy alignment and ratcheting mechanism
  • The cap curves according to its natural curvature. It allows the original shape to be retained without any distortion or scratches without removing the frame.
  • Includes hooping jig, cap frame, and driver
  • Easy to attach and release
  • No need for clamping
  • Positioned so there is no contact between the brim of the hat and the machine

    PR Playbook
  • A step-by-step guide to the amazing features on the 10-needle embroidery machine
  • 34 individual projects with accompanying videos—more than 5 hours of instruction
  • The videos are located on the included USB drive and can be viewed from your machine as well as from your computer.
  • Compatible with PR Series machine, PR1055X
  • Includes one USB with 34 projects and video instruction

    See Brother PR1055X Brochure

    Introducing the Brother Entrepreneur Pro X PR1055X Multi Needle Embroidery Machine
  • US Warranty 25 Years Head, 6 Years Electrical, 2 Years Parts, 2 Years Labor
  • Non-US Warranty: 30 days parts and labor
Basic Features:
  • LCD Display Size (Diagonal): 10.1" (5.3" x 8.5")
  • Display (Number of Colors): 16,777,216
  • Stitch Select
  • Onscreen Help
  • 29 Built-In Tutorial Videos
  • Built-In Languages
  • On-Screen Editing
  • Runway Lighting with 5 Built-in LEDs
  • Manual Thread Tension
  • Automatic 10 Needle Threading System
  • 3 Individual Needle Attribute Settings: Maximum Speed/Color Anchor/Needle Threader
  • Thread Sensors: Upper and Lower with On/Off
  • Automatic Thread Cutter
  • Thread Wiper
  • Jump Stitch Thread Trimming
  • Thread Trim Setting Key
  • Vertical Quick-Set Bobbin
  • 2 Full USB Ports
  • Computer Connectivity with Update Capability
  • Mouse Capability by USB
  • Media Type: USB
  • InnovEye Plus Technology
  • High Background Camera Scanning
  • Virtual Design Preview
  • Wireless Compatibility
  • Compatible with My Stitch Motor Mobile App

    Embroidery Features:
  • Maximum Embroidery Area (X x Y): 14" x 8"
  • Maximum Embroidery Speed: Up to 1,000 SPM
  • Sewing Speed for Frames 400 - 1,000 SPM
  • Sewing Speed for Caps 400 - 600 SPM
  • Free Arm Embroidery
  • 4 Standard Included Frames: (14" x 8", 5" x 7", 4" x 4", 2" x 1.5") and ScanImation Scanning Frame (8.5" x 12")
  • 1,184 TOTAL Built-in Brother Embroidery Designs
  • 173 Embroidery Designs
  • 140 Frame Designs (10 Shape x 14 Stitch Patterns)
  • 100 Utility Stitch Patterns
  • 30 Buttonhole Patterns
  • 37 Basic Fonts
  • 661 Decorative Font Patterns
  • 18 Built-in Monogram Designs
  • 25 Quilt Sashing Functions
  • My Design Center Features
  • Resume Function
  • Built-in Border Function and Designs
  • Color Sort Feature
  • Color Shuffling 2 Function
  • Pause Setting
  • Appliqué Creator Function
  • Create Multiple Appliqués in One Hoop
  • Insert Letter at Midpoint of Text Line
  • Input Second Line of Text
  • Align Left, Center, Right
  • Grouping after Line Break
  • Edit Single Letter
  • Edit Full Line of Text
  • 3 Thumbnail Sizes (L-M-S)
  • Grouping of Letters and Designs
  • Direct Touch Button for Color Change
  • Bigger Start/Finish Point Setting Area
  • Direct Touch Button for Embroidery Order
  • Manual Color Sequence
  • Space Reduction Among Embroidery Alphabets
  • Pattern Rotating: 0.1, 1, 10, or 90 degrees
  • Drag and Drop Editing
  • On-Screen Automatic Density Adjustment
  • Zoom Function: 200% in Preview and 1600% in My Design Center
  • Basting Stitch Before Embroidery
  • Smart Stitch Management: Forward or Backward/Direct Key Entry
  • Preview Designs Before Stitching
  • Stitch Simulator
  • Stippling Feature
  • Echo Quilting

    Warranty: 2 Year: Parts and labor. 6 Years: Electronic Components and Printed Circuit Boards. 25 Years: Chassis
    Machine Dimensions (H x W x D) 31.93" L x 29.84" W x 41.30 " H
    Machine Weight 93.7 lbs

    NEW Brother accessories online catalog by machine model numbers

    Brother Premium Warranty Documentation

    We would like to inform you we have released a software update for the Entrepreneur Pro X PR1055X on Brother Solutions Center. Updating your multi -needle embroidery machine with this software will enhance your embroidery experience. Version 1.10 Updates:
  • Versatile magnetic frame M / L can be recognized on the machine.
  • Update files can be downloaded directly to the machine by using wireless-LAN.
  • Data landing page can be selected when using the Link function.
  • Improved the function to be able to select and delete multiple pattern data at once.
  • Improved the user-defined thread color sequence display on the screen.
    * To learn about the above new features, read the instructions about the update Ver.1.10 in the Operation Manual Addendum. Please click here to visit the Brother Solutions Center to view/download the update. Once at the site, select your Operating System

Included Accessories
  • Wide Table
  • 8" x 14" Frame
  • 5" x 7" Frame
  • 4" x 4" Frame
  • 1.5" x 2" Frame
  • ScanImation Scanning Frame
  • Needle Sets
  • Prewound Bobbins
  • Screwdrivers
  • Spool Mats
  • Spool Caps
  • USB Cable
  • Snowman Embroidery Positioning Marker Sheets
  • Embroidery Sheet Grids
  • Operation Manual
  • Quick Reference Guide
  • Additional Accessories Included in Accessory Box
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